KUMA Black Leather Wristband

KUMA Leather Wristband 

Black Leather Wristband - KUMA Design Store

Elegant handmade black leather wristband specially designed for wearing your Butterfly Brooches. Attaching and removing brooches from the wristband is simply a breeze.

Elegant and classic style of the leather wristband makes it the perfect companion for everyday wear and special events. The clever design of the wristband enables you to wear the wristband in two ways: you can choose to wear the black or grey side depending on your mood.

Wear it with your favourite Butterfly Brooch or on its own - this bohemian bracelet will keep you trendy all year long. If you dare, you can even wear it as a choker around your neck- but be warned: you will not be left unnoticed when wearing KUMA accessories!

Easy on your hand, this wristband comes three sizes:

- Small (35 cm / 13.8 inches in length)

- Medium (39.5 cm / 15.5 inches in length)

- Large (41.5 cm / 16.3 inches in length)

NB! Butterfly Brooch is sold separately. 

The product comes in a black gift box.