"Hingesoojus" organic tea "Hingesoojus" organic tea

"Hingesoojus" organic tea

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“Hingesoojus” - Ivan Chai, red cornflowers and rose petals

Soulmate black tea has a delicate flavour bouquet, that feeds the soul just like a heart-to-heart chat with your loved one. Known as one of the oldest teas in the world, Ivan Chai otherwise known as Fireweed has a relaxing and a healing effect.  Enriched with beautiful rose petals and red cornflower petals, this tea is especially enjoyable together with women. Invite your favourite soulsister over, may it be your mum, sister, best friend, grandmother or any other special lady and let the calming aromas of fireweed, beautiful flower petals and sweet taste feed the inner woman in you! Be aware, because time tends to fly with good company and KUMA Soulmate herbal tea.

Neto: 25g


The founder of KUMA Design, Mari Ojasaar tips of drinking tea:

Drinking tea is a daily therapy for me that starts from choosing the right cup for my tea. Over the years I have gathered quite many cups, which most of them are handmade and therefore carry a very special energy. After that, I choose the tea that my mind and body needs that day and pour the tea leaves at the bottom of the tea cup.The warm water awakens the herbs and lets their healing powers infuse the water. I smell and watch how the herbs melt in water and sometimes I don’t even drain them out from the water, just to enjoy this beautiful process.

I wish you a magical tea drinking that feeds the body and soul!

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