KUMA June Butterfly Necklace

KUMA butterfly necklaces are handmade to tell a story. Your story.

June Butterfly Necklace - KUMA Design Store

Butterfly necklace is a delicate accessory designed to change your outfits joyful and add a touch of quirkiness to your everyday life. 

Inspired by nature- this necklace has something for everyone: it’s lighthearted nature brings joy to children and helps grown-up’s to reconnect with their inner child.

The necklace comes in two different sizes- perfect for all big and small butterfly lovers.

Children's necklace: 38 cm / 14.96 inches in length

Women's necklace: 45 cm / 17.72 inches in length

Please note that the length of the necklace may vary up to 1 cm depending on the size of the butterfly.

Materials used: Leather, Swarovski crystals, metal.

The product comes in a black gift box.