KUMA Laura Butterfly Tie

Hand-made premium leather bow-tie

Laura Butterfly Tie - KUMA Design Store

This collection was created by 8 exceptional Estonian women, who inspire us at KUMA Design with their work and energy. These butterflies were made to remind us that each and every one of us is a perfectly imperfect creation and we only have one obligation in life- to be happy. To celebrate womanhood, 25% of the sales of Inspired by Women collection will go to the Tartu Women's shelter.

Photographer Laura Nestor: I was intrigued by the idea to put a photo on a wearable form. It would have been wrong for me to design the butterfly with just pencils, since my everyday work and life is strongly related to the "birth of a photo". A new KUMA butterfly, that can see everywhere, has been born!

Butterfly was seen in ancient cultures as the personification of a person's soul. Our hand-made bow-tie Butterly brooches enable you to experience this old tradition in a modern setting.

All Butterfly brooches are crafted by skilled artists using real leather and expressive colours. Choose the one that best captures the essence of your soul. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones. Butterfly brooches make an excellent gift - a truly eye-catching statement for expressive types!

Materials used: Real leather and brooch needle.