How to add colours to your autumn wardrobe?
Hello Autumn! A new season together with the new KUMA butterfly flock has arrived. Before the dark winter months take over, autumn will cover the nature with its golden veil one last time to leave us with a cheerful memory. During those dark months, it’s extremely important to add more colour to your life in any way possible, starting from your wardrobe. We are excited to share our new exclusive autumn inspired collection “Evolve” that is here to liven up your wardrobe with stunning colours!
KUMA new autumnal flock of butterflies is flying on the border of the real world and the dream world. The new collection is a meeting point between different worlds, where 3 butterflies are inspired by the changing season around us - the warm hues of autumn and grounding earth tones and 4 beauties come from the dream world, where imagination has no limits and even the impossible becomes possible. Which world do you belong to?

How to add more colour to your wardrobe with KUMA accessories?

  1.     First decide whether you want to stick to the already existing tones in your wardrobe or add new ones to the colour scheme.                                                                                   a. In case you want to add more colours, choose three tones that you would like to have more in your wardrobe.                                                                                                                 b. If you are happy with the already existing colour palette, choose three of your favourite tones from your wardrobe.
  2.     Go through the new collection and select all the accessories that have at least one of your desired tones in their design.
  3.     Read each of the product’s stories.
  4.     Choose the butterfly, whose story speaks to you the most. 

4 butterfly brooches from the fantasyland

Storyteller – Read her story
Timetraveler – Read her story
Lifelover – Read her story
Stargazer – Read her story

3 butterfly brooches in autumn tones

Plumlicious – Read the story
Cherry-Picker – Read her story
Mindflier – Read her story 

9 fantastic earrings

Wings of Joy – Read their story
Wings of Change – Read their story
Wings of Luck – Read their story
Wings of Power – Read their story
Wings of Gratitude – Read their story
Wings of Passion – Read their story
Wings of Freedom – Read their story
Storytellers – Read their story
Timetravellers – Read their story
We hope that our new collection inspires you to stand out from the crowd and keeps your mood up during the dark winter months! Also, let us know, which one of the new butterflies you chose to liven up your wardrobe!