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Handmade by Kuma

On Sale KUMA Inhale candle (sweet orange)

€12.95 €9.95

On Sale Wings of Power Earrings

€26.95 €16.95

On Sale Dreamcatcher Butterfly Earrings

€26.95 €16.95

On Sale Morning Glory Earrings

€26.95 €16.95

On Sale Moonwalker Earrings

€26.95 €16.95

On Sale Prosperity Earrings

€26.95 €16.95

On Sale Suitsupääsuke Earrings

€26.95 €17.95

On Sale Prosperity Butterfly Brooch

€21.95 €13.95

On Sale Full Moon of Berlin Butterfly Brooch

€21.95 €10.95

On Sale Day Catcher Bird Brooch

€21.95 €13.95

Our entire product range is mostly handmade with love and therefore each product is unique and one-of-a-kind. They all have a story to tell if you let them spread their wings and shine with you!