Ready, set, FLY! - New Kuma Design Butterfly Brooches

A New Butterfly Brooch Range

New KUMA butterflies are here and ready to fly with you through the new season!

This time the collection of butterfly brooches has two storylines - one that takes you through the forests and fields of Estonia and another one that takes you to a fantasy land of mystical creatures and marble castles✨

The new butterfly brooch collection was born in co-operation with three different artists who each inspire us in their own unique way – Ulla Liinold, Kerti Pahk and Karel Eding.

Each hair brooch carries a name of a character that best represents the essence of the butterfly as well as the possessor. Find the butterfly that speaks to your soul and tells your story through symbols!

Spirituality Butterfly Brooch

Spirituality Butterfly Brooch worn by a model with a blue jumper.

The Spirituality Butterfly Brooch is the one you turn to when you are lost and don’t know all the answers to the questions life throws at you. She might not always tell you the answer, but she will guide you in the right direction. Although fragile and blooming, she carries a sense of ancient wisdom with her.

Creativity Butterfly Brooch

Creativity Butterfly Brooch worn by a model with a grey and pink jumper.

Some people (just like some butterflies) were born to create- they speak through colours, music and patterns. The world is their canvas and they make sure to cover every white spot with their creation. She only needs to spread her wings and off she goes to create the life of her dreams.

Transformation Butterfly Brooch

Transformation Butterfly Brooch worn by a model.

Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Transformation Butterfly Brooch symbolizes change and new beginnings. It reminds us to take a leap of faith, dive into the unknown and rise stronger than ever before.

Good Luck Butterfly Brooch

Good Luck butterfly brooch pinned to a white shirt.

Inspired by the four-leaf clover, this butterfly will bring luck to the possessor. She flies over the rainbow and is always on the hunt for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but she never misses an opportunity to bring good luck and prosperity to everyone she meets along the road.

Freedom Butterfly Brooch

Freedom butterfly brooch worn on a white short-sleeved blouse.

This beautiful brooch was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. She knows the price of freedom and therefore cherishes every single sunrise and sunset, where she can fly to her own will. Inspired by the National Symbol of Estonia – the blue cornflower. 

Kindness Butterfly Brooch

Kindness Butterfly Brooch worn on a cardigan.

Like a blue-eyed girl from the Estonian countryside - this butterfly symbolizes innocence and kindness. She will be the first one to run through the grain fields and the last one to fly back to her nest. Always laughing and smiling – she carries the sweet memories of the summer in her heart.

Protection Butterfly Brooch

Protection butterfly brooch pinned to a white shirt.

We all seek safety and comfort once the crisp autumn winds arrive. In the midst of the autumn leaves and feels you spot a fiery beauty, who reminds you that no matter how cold and long the months ahead will be – you will always be protected by the fire in your soul. 

Queen of Emerald - Prosperity Butterfly Brooch

Queen of the Emerald - Prosperity Butterfly Brooch


This wonderful butterfly symbolises prosperity. Not only in the material sense but in all fields of life, may it be your family, work or hobbies.

Wherever she flies life will bloom and miracles will happen. She is the kind of creature who doesn’t justify or fight for her place under the sun. She just fits and belongs there...

Now the question remains…which one of the new beauties best describes you?