Memory game "Tähestik" by Mari Ojasaar Memory game "Tähestik" by Mari Ojasaar

Memory game "Tähestik" by Mari Ojasaar


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Learn the alphabet with KUMA memo cards!

 What came before “T” and what was after “L”?

KUMA Alphabet cards are a fun and easy way to learn the alphabet through play! Illustrated by Mari Ojasaar, each card represents one letter in the alphabet and has a picture of an animal, whose name starts with the same letter. That way you can learn the alphabet while learning about different animals. 

There are several ways you can play the KUMA Alphabet cards, whether you are alone or with friends! 

  1. Play them as a traditional memory game by yourself…
  2. ..or a competition between you and your friends - who can put the alphabet cards in the right order fastest.
  3. By grouping the cards based on their colour, you can also learn the 3 different sound types of Estonian letters:
    1. Pink card - vowels
    2. Blue cards -  consonants
    3. Green cards - consonants
    4. Beige card - unique letter
  4. Every card has also an illustration of an animal whose name starts with the same letter, so you will also learn about different animal species from around the world.

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