4 travel destinations for a fun girls weekend getaway

There’s nothing like a good weekend getaway with your girlfriends to charge your batteries and catch the first spring winds. It gives you a perfect chance to take your mind off school and work or mend a broken heart. So, we listed 4 of our favourite European cities for a long weekend with some tips on what to do, where to eat and shop. Because let’s be honest - when it’s a girl’s trip, it will involve a lot of talking, good food and shopping… at least for the KUMA girls.

1. Stockholm


We love Stockholm for its chill vibe! There’s a nice flow to the city and although you can definitely feel the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s much more laid back and relaxed than for example London. When in Stockholm, you must do some people watching, because there are women (and men!) with spectacular style on each street corner. If you want to get some new fashion pieces for yourself, then we recommend to visit the MOOD Stockholm - a shopping centre with a cool and unique variety of brands! If the weather is warm and sunny, then we advise you to rent some bikes and cruise through the city and the little islands surrounding Stockholm. If you are the artsy type, then you must pay a visit to the Moderna museum - a place where we always get inspired. For some seriously delicious and healthy food visit Mahalo Hälsocafet or Greasy Spoon - both are places, where you can treat yourself and not feel guilty about it!

2. Budapest


Budapest is a new love for us! We discovered it last spring and it stole our hearts in a heartbeat. Besides admiring the architecture and enjoying the long walks besides the river Danube, Budapest is known for its terms, where you can enjoy different pools, saunas and have a mini spa day! One of our favourite places is the Rudas Baths - in addition to all the saunas, steam rooms and pools, they have an outdoor jacuzzi, where you can enjoy an exceptional view of the city. After a relaxing trip to the terms you are probably ready for some delicious food. If you like Asian food, then you have to check out Wokame - their edamame beans are to-die-for. But if you are more into a delicious brunch, then there is no better place than A la Maision. Besides delicious food, it’s a great spot for an Instagram picture ;) For some cool variety of vintage and brand new fashion finds check out Szputnyik D20, but you can find cool little design and thrift stores all over the city. After you’ve shopped till you drop, then it’s time to have a picnic on the little island in the heart of the city called Margitsziget - crab some food and a little prosecco and enjoy the sunset!

3. Riga


Riga is a newly discovered gem for us - it is humble and a lot smaller than all the other cities, but it’s filled with new up-and-coming places. One of the highlights of the city is definitely the old town, where you can get a feel of the different eras and the history behind the city. While you are in the old town, we recommend to check out Fat Pumpkin - a lovely little vegan place, that even non-vegans can’t help but love. If you are visiting Riga at a warmer time, then pay a visit to the Riga zoo - you can go on a nice walk and enjoy some wildlife at the same time! If the zoo is not really your thing and you’d rather be finding some new fashion gems, then we recommend to visit the Galleria Riga, where there is something for every taste. There is also 8rooms Showroom, where you can discover new and cool brands! After a full day of shopping and walking around you probably need a little energy boost - for that we recommend the Rocket Bean Roastery or MiiT Coffee. Both are lovely coffee places, that offer delicious food and are cool places for a chill out with friends. Yay!

4. Barcelona


There is no place like Barcelona! The warm sea breeze and long nights with Sangria...you just have to experience it to understand what’s the fuss about! One of the reasons we love Barcelona so much is for the art and architecture. The handwriting of Gaudi can be seen all over the city, starting from the Sagrada Familia to the Park Güell. We feel like you don’t really need a guide for Barcelona, because the city will introduce itself to you the way it wants to, and it has many faces to show. However, we never leave Barcelona without having a stroll on the La Barceloneta or having a treat-yourself brunch, because there are just so many good places to choose from. Some of our absolute favourites for a nice brunch or breakfast are Alsur Cafe, Copasetic, Caravelle and Ugot. And if you want to visit a seafood paradise, then you just have to go to La Paradeta! For some reason at Barcelona, we lose ourselves in never-ending brunches and long walks and totally forget about shopping. We blame the mediterranean vibe for it! So if you just want to have a chill trip with your girlfriends, some good food and sundowners, then Barcelona is the perfect place for that!

There you go - these are some of our favourite places for a girls trip! However, we do have a lot more exploring to do, so this list will hopefully soon be updated. But remember, in order to have a truly memorable and fun trip, it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you have the right people besides you. Leave a comment below and let us know, where would you go with your girlfriends for a fun weekend getaway?