KUMA Gift Guide - part two

Not so long ago we shared our gift making recipe with you we provided three simple steps that get you started when preparing for the Christmas madness.

Today I’m going to get more personal and tell you what have been the most precious gifts I have either made or received over the years. Since I have a true artist heart, don’t be too surprised, when some of the things aren’t tangible :)

Books for the reading worm in you!

One of my weak spots, when it comes to gifts, are books. I love giving them to people (especially to my son), but I also love receiving books as gifts, because they give you a chance to step into another world and discover something new. A book that has caught my attention this year is “Horse Henry’s Dream”. The whole concept of the book is to give back to those in need and therefore a percentage of the revenue goes to charity. In addition to helping others, this book has also the most inspiring illustrations by the super talented artist Britt Samson.

The gift of no gift at all...

An idea, that I got from my partner Jesper has been a bit more difficult to adapt to, but if you have a very close person then it can actually work wonders. So, if you really don’t have an idea what to give someone, then don’t push it and tell the person honestly that you didn’t find the gift that would show, how much he or she means to you.

However, you are still going to keep your eyes open for that perfect gift and surprise the gift receiver when you finally find something you are proud to give. For example, I once received my Christmas gift from Jesper in the middle of the summer. Imagine the surprise, when you get a truly thoughtful gift out of nowhere when you least expect it. In essence, a gift should be a surprise and that is why this idea is so close to my heart.

Giving the gift of time

For me, one of the most precious gifts someone can give me is time. Since I and my partner have both very busy schedules, I value it the most when he finds time to cook for me or go for a walk in nature together. However, a good gift is also presented well and it can be a bit tricky to wrap time -  just think outside of the box! Why not make a gift certificate, that says how you are going to gift your time for that special someone in your life… a good thing is that this gift certificate will never expire!

Another gift idea revolving around time might be to gift special occasions with you; perhaps a well-designed booklet of special occasions together that your partner or friend can cash in when the time is best suited to the both of you!

Less is more

The funniest gift I have ever made was to my dear son, when we were living in Bali. As usual, children like the things they are not allowed. In our case, it was my partner Jesper’s earplugs. So imagine the joy, when Santa Claus brought our son his father’s earplugs on the Christmas morning! Such a simple gift, but I can still recall his happiness over it. That proves the most important rule about gifts in my book - it doesn’t matter how much it costs, what matters is the value of the gift receiver. You just have to pay attention and figure out, what makes a person’s eyes smile and heart beat faster.

Handmade gifts

I was bitten by the crafty bug at a very young age, so I have always loved to make gifts, rather than to buy them. But I also believe that you don’t have to be an artist to make someone a truly memorable and heartwarming gift!

If you are crafty - make a photo album of your journey together. If your inner artist reveals itself in the kitchen - make a box of handmade and mouthwatering chocolates or a bottle of mulled wine. Paint a picture or write a poem, whatever takes you to your element. Trust me, people can feel the energy and thought you put into your present. If you really can’t come up with an idea, then bear in mind that the point of giving handmade presents is to give someone a present that carries good energy!

Our butterflies are created by talented craftsmen who guarantee that our accessories carry only good vibes. However, if you want something that carries strong positive energies and brings luck to the possessor, then our energy necklace line was created just for that purpose!

Gifts for the man in your life

Coming up with a gift idea for the man in your life can sometimes be a challenge.

A funny pair of socks or underwear can be quite cute, but it can also be been-there-done-that kind of a gift. However, I think that a course on something that you are both interested in is money well spent.

For example, a cooking or a massage course is a thoughtful and educating gift for both of you.

Manly accessories are another way to surprise him, but beforehand make sure you know your man’s taste and style.

There you go - I hope you found some inspiration from my experiences. Just think outside of the box and remember that the reason we give gifts in the first place, is to show someone that we care about them. It is easy to get lost in the Christmas mayhem, but it helps to go back to the roots and recall the true meaning of traditions - to create memories and cherish the time you get to spend with your loved ones.