How to style your KUMA butterfly brooch during the winter season?

There is no doubt, that winter is the most magical season of the year. There is just something out of this world beautiful in the way winter covers everything with its glittery polish, how nature sleeps under the soft snow blanket and how we learn to appreciate every glimpse of light in the midst of the dark months.

Staying stylish during the winter season

The ice queen called Winter is royal and elegant, sometimes harsh and cold, but always fair and sophisticated. However, keeping an elegant and feminine style during the winter months can be a challenge to tackle. You need to stay warm, in order to feel comfortable and confident, but burying yourself under layers of clothes can make you feel anything but feminine and stylish. Luckily, there is a simple solution to that problem - simply add your favourite pair of KUMA wings to any of your winter outfits and you will get your feminine and delicate vibe back in no time.

Now, you might be thinking - how are you going to combine your butterfly with warm winter clothes, when usually you wear your wings with a dress or a blouse? Time to step out of your comfort zone and explore new hidden ways to style your butterfly for winter.

Oh, those snuggly scarves!

Wrap yourself in a cosy big scarf and add a (or a couple) of butterflies to stand out with your sense of style. Moreover, if you are a fan of pastel and neutral colours like our lovely fairylike photographer Kerti, then the butterflies give you a chance to add a splash of colour to your outfit!

Wearing butterfly hair brooches on scarves for a stylish alternative.

Keep your head warm and stylish!

Add some attitude to your winter hat! Keeping yourself warm with a hat during the winter months is a must, but we’ve found it to be a challenge to find a truly one-of-a-kind hat because, at the end of the day, it is only a hat, not shoes!

However, having a neutral hat that goes with everything is a very smart purchase, as you can give it your own touch to make it unique. Pair it with your favourite butterfly brooches and we’ll guarantee that you will be the only one wearing that kind of a hat.

Now, you might be thinking - what is the point of wearing your butterfly brooch on your hat, when most of the time it’s either raining or snowing and that can quickly ruin your butterfly (at least in our hometown, Tallinn). Need not worry, because all of our butterflies are covered with a water-resistant topcoat, that preserves the beauty of the butterfly and keeps it looking new and fresh for a long time.

Butterfly brooches pinned to a winter wollen hat.

 Pimp up your coat with a butterfly brooch!

A lesson learned from my mother is that a good coat is an investment, that will keep you warm for more than one season.

Since it can be quite pricey to get something high quality and long lasting, then we recommend choosing something timeless, that goes well with the shape of your body, and is sided towards the neutral part of the colour wheel. That way you don’t have to worry when trends change quicker than the winter winds turn into spring breezes.

You can always add an accessory - a scarf, hat, gloves, etc. to stay stylish and feel like you are wearing a new outfit again! Once again, our butterflies are here to help you out - choose the butterfly that best captures you as a woman and take it to fly with you throughout the winter months.

Again, the water-resistant topcoat that we use to cover all our butterflies comes in handy and makes sure you get to enjoy your favourite KUMA butterfly for more than just one season.

Kuma Butterfly Brooches worn on a coat.

Mittens that smitten your heart!

For us women, keeping our hands warm is more of an obligation than an option, because it’s one of the first places on our bodies that can tell the secret of our age. Therefore, a pair of warm and beautiful winter mittens is a must for your winter wardrobe. Pairing your KUMA butterfly with a delicate pair of gloves is a quirky way of standing out from the crowd and making an impression with your natural style.

Wearing butterfly brooches on a pair of your favourite winter mittens.

It’s sweater weather!

Sweaters are the seasons’ must-have item. They keep you warm and some sweaters can make you feel like you are getting a warm hug all day long.

Cashmere sweaters are our favourite for that! However, it is often thought that a sweater is a more laid back, casual piece of clothing, and it all comes down to details and accessorizing. Add a KUMA butterfly to your sweater, and a cute but casual sweater can become smart and stylish casual in no time!

Pinning a butterfly brooch to your sweater.

Purs(e)uit of happiness!

Purses, handbags, clutches etc. - we all have them and some of us maybe have a few too many (guilty as charged!), but it’s true that a purse is something a lady can’t go out without to conquer the world because how else are you going to take your secret weapons on your everyday conquests?

As with almost everything in life - adding a simple, yet well-thought-out touch to something (your purse for example) can be a game changer. Choose a butterfly brooch to accompany you during your day and you won’t feel like you are facing the world alone.

Pinning a butterfly brooch to your purse or handbag.

Although we usually spot butterflies from late spring to early autumn, you don’t have to keep your KUMA butterflies locked up for the winter months. It can be a mesmerizing contrast to see something so lively and colourful fly in the middle of the winter. It is like a promise that no matter how harsh and cold the winter is, it doesn’t last forever and the magic can be over in a blink of an eye.

So the best you can do is enjoy each moment and step out of your comfort zone - with your style and with your life in general - only good can come from mixing things up from time to time. We hope you got some inspiration on how to style your KUMA wings during the colder months and wish you an enchanting wintertime!

Until next time - stay warm, gorgeous!