5 tips for a more green lifestyle in 2019

There is no better time to change your lifestyle to a more “green” one, than the beginning of a new year! So, today we give you 5 simple tips on how to be more environmentally friendly with your fashion choices in 2019! Get ready to save the planet...

Choose ethical fashion brands

First and foremost, when we talk about being more eco-friendly with our fashion choices, we talk about choosing sustainable clothing and accessory brands. But what sets sustainable brands apart from other fashion brands? They are two things: planet-friendly and worker-friendly. So, our tip number one is to do your research about different brands you like before your next purchase and find answers to questions like:

    1. Who makes the products and in which conditions?
    2. What materials are they using?
    3. What is the production process like?
    4. What do they do with production leftovers?
    5. Do they give back by supporting charities?
    6. And etc...

As an ethical fashion brand, we know from our own experience that the only way to go, is to go green. So, we proudly support other eco-friendly brands and advise fashion brands, who aren't quite there yet to take the same road!

Go second hand

They say that: “One man’s old, is another man’s new”. That also applies to second round clothes and accessories, so we say: "One woman's old, is another woman's new!" Going second hand saves money and the environment! However, we know that clothes also carry energies and trift stores might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are one of those people, then take matters to your own hands and  organize a wardrobe exchange party for your girlfriends! We all know that scene from the Sex and the City, where Carry has a fashion show for her  girlfriends to decide what to keep and what to throw. Whether you want to do it with a glass of champagne like they did or with some afternoon tea, invite your girlfriends to a clothes exchange party and shop without paying or leaving the comfort of your home! Let them bring some clothes that they would like to exchange and make up your mind, what you are ready to let go of to make room for new pieces in your wardrobe. Have fun, spend time with your girlfriends and “shop” in a green way!

Choose eco-friendly materials

When it comes to clothes and accessories, the quality of the materials is essential. Just like the food we put in our body should be clean and nurturing, our clothes and accessories we put on our body should also be made from materials that support our body and well-being. Instead of buying clothes made from cheap synthetic materials like polyester, choose eco-friendly materials like linen, hemp, bamboo, lyocell, alpaca, organic wool or organic cotton. Did you know that even cotton might not be as environmentally friendly as you thought? Conventional methods of growing cotton use vast amounts of potentially toxic fertilizers and pesticides. That is why we decided to use organic cotton for our “Inspired by Nature” T-shirt. You have to try it to believe it, but it really feels like you are getting a warm hug all day long!

Take matters into your own hands 

There is nothing like handmade products, so why not awaken your sewing skills and make your own clothes and jewellery! Whether you like to knit, sew or crochet, 2019 can be the year, when you learn a new skill, take a trip to your mom or grandmother to renew your skills or if you already know how to make your own clothes, then it’s time to pick up that hobby again! Create something that is 100% unique, environmentally friendly (if you choose the right materials!) and connects you to the previous generations of women, who made clothes not only for themselves, but for the whole family.

Buy less and buy smarter 

Although at the end of the day we are a business, we are also a team behind the brand, who dreams of a happier and healthier planet. And for that dream to become true, we know that all of us need to consume less. So buy less! But also, buy smarter! Clothes, that are reversible or can be worn in different ways or accessories like our Butterfly Effect earrings that can be worn in two different ways are perfect for that, because they give you more for less!

There you go! We hope you found something new and interesting to apply to your lifestyle and if you have any other tips to share, then we would love to read, how you are going to have a more green 2019!