How to choose the right butterfly for a loved one?
In the spirit of the soon arriving Christmas season, the KUMA studio has overnight been changed into Santa’s gift shop. Our wide and exclusive product selection brings in all the gift hunters, who are on their quest to find “the perfect gift” for their loved one. The question we get from these gift hunters all the time is: “How to choose the right butterfly for someone?” So today, in order to make the butterfly choosing process a little easier, we will give you some tips on how to choose the right butterfly for a special someone.

The style

Since our butterfly brooches are everyday accessories, then the first thing to think about is the gift receiver’s style. Does she prefer simple, minimalist outfits with few well chosen colours, that don’t scream for attention? From our experience, this type of women prefers simplicity in design, pastel colours and models that are one toned and not so colourful. These butterflies won’t over dominate your outfit, but will still attract attention in a humble way. Also, bare in mind that this type of gift receiver might not be very fond of bling, so maybe choose something without the Swarovski crystals. Here are a couple of good options: Morning Lullaby, Soov, Spring Halo, Mini White, Mini Dreamy Mermaid

If the gift receiver is on the contrary to the type of person we just described and is someone who loves colours and has a bold style, then we recommend to go for butterflies that are colourful, eye-catching and have some contrast to them. Also, think about if the gift receiver has a favourite colour and maybe try to find a butterfly in that colour.
Here are some good options for the colourful woman in your life: Party Queen, Sunset of Barcelona, Moona, Frost Flower, Nights of Ibiza
Or maybe she is someone who just loves everything that shines and sparkles? In that case, go for a butterfly that is decorated with Swarovskis. Here is some bling for you: Kuu, Täht, Dancing Queen, Midnight Lady, Party Queen

Hair colour

Another important factor to keep in mind is hair colour. Although tastes and preferences are different, we have discovered some rules of thumbs when it comes to choosing a butterfly for a blonde, brunette or a redhead. For example, blonde hair colour will be accentuated by different tones of blue and also red is a fierce option to go for. Purple and pinkish tones are good for the brunette in your life and redheads will look marvelous in hues of green. Here are our suggestions for…


Don’t forget about the gift receiver’s age! Although age is just a number, it is still a factor to consider, especially if you do not know the gift receiver that well. From our experience, women, who are in their golden age, tend to go for butterflies that are more subtle in colour - for example, white and pastel colours are easy to pair with different outfits. While youngsters often want to be unique and stand out with their sense of style. In that case go for something that is bold, colourful and has some attitude!
Something a bit more elegant and classy: Orange,  White, Seren Siren, Soov, Õrnus, Hea Stardust, Frost Flower


It’s true that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s a powerful tool to know, how to accentuate that beauty with the right accessories. If the gift receiver is a child or a very petite woman, then we recommend to choose something from our smaller models or from our children’s collection, that is smaller in size, but equally charming! However, if the gift receiver is not quite as petite, then go for a bigger model, that will stand out and make sure all eyes are on her!


Last but not least, it helps to think about what type of person the gift receiver is. Is she someone, who is very practical and believes that less is more, or is she someone, who just wants to enjoy life and follows the motto: “go big or go home”? For the more practical type we suggest to choose something that you can again pair with different outfits and wear in different places, so she feels that she has many options when it comes to wearing the accessory. However, for the life lover, we recommend to go with something that is fun and out there! These are also usually the people, who love surprises and will find a way to wear any kind of butterfly, so you can simply go with your gut feeling and choose the butterfly that reminds you of her!
Something simple yet beautiful for the practical person: Morning Lullaby, White, Spring Halo, Lovebird, Sunrise of Paris
Something extra for the life lover in your life: Stardust, Wanderluster, Orange, Peek-a-Rosy, Dahlia

A couple of more tips to keep in mind

  • If she is someone, who loves her home country Estonia or you have to make a gift for an Estonian, who lives abroad, then we have a beautiful patriotic butterfly that will remind every Estonian her homeland. PS! We also have a Latvian themed butterfly for our southern neighbours.
  • In case the gift receiver is truly a tough case, then you can always go for one of our gift cards and make sure she gets something she will truly love and wear!
  • Or if you feel like you know, what the gift receiver would like, but you simply can’t find the right butterfly from our entire product selection, then make an extra personal gift and design your own butterfly for her with our personalisation tool.
  • Last but not least, the most important part, when it comes to choosing the right butterfly is the story. Each of our butterflies have their own unique story to tell and sometimes you don’t need to think about the colour, size or shape of the butterfly, but just read the story to figure out if it suits the gift receiver or not.
We hope you found these tips useful and wish you happy gift hunting!