The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Apart from the summer sunshine, Christmas is our favourite time of the year. A chance to show our partners some extra love with our Christmas gifts, and a chance to spend quality time together with the family during the colder winter months. The spirit of Christmas is truly magical, and each year it gets more and more special.


Although magical, Christmas can be one heck of a hard time trying to get gifts for the special people in our lives. Your mind goes blank when you keep trying to think of what you could get for your girlfriend, mum or sister, and yet you’ve spent most of the year with them referencing things they like, need and want. Panic needn’t set in, because there’s always plenty of gift ideas out there you can use to show you put a lot of thought into your Christmas gifts. Here’s where to start:

Butterfly Brooches Make a Great Christmas Gift

Hair brooches are a wonderful gift for Christmas, or any occasion for that matter. It’s because of their versatility; you can pin them on clothes, bags, and of course in your hair, depending on how you want to use your brooch. This makes the brooch unique to your recipient because it’s how they choose to wear it or style it that can make all the difference.


Depending on the city you’re from, this unique collection of wonderful butterfly brooches are based the natural experiences from the main cities of Europe. Treat your loved one to a city that she loves, or one that she wants to visit, and give her a taste of travel and adventure at Christmas.


Wrap a Fashion Necklace Around Your Loved Ones for a Wonderful Christmas Gift

We love fashion necklaces here at Kuma. Whether you’re dressing up or down, wearing t-shirts or knitwear, there’s a necklace for you in this collection.


I think what’s amazing about fashion necklaces as a gift at Christmas is how they can accentuate the receivers outfit, depending on their mood and the style they’re going for. These fashion necklaces range from earth stone energy necklaces that are designed to reduce anxiety, improve your confidence and make your partner look amazing, to cute little butterfly necklaces that reflect wonderful times of the day, like the Bohemian Berliner.


A Little Twinkle at Christmas with some Fashion Earrings

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they’re not wrong. We love them! Christmas is the perfect time to add a little sparkle to your Christmas gift, and the right occasion to give your loved one a set of fashion earrings.


Made with vegan materials, and of course, Swarovski crystals, there’s an array of fashion earrings here to suit the occasion. From the long-stemmed silver back of the White Space earrings to the hooped design of the Simple Chic earrings, or even the butterfly and crystal combo of our traditional butterfly earrings, there is literally an earring for any ear.

Lifestyle Gifts in Case She Has Enough Jewellery for Christmas

If Jewellery isn’t her thing, or if you know she’s getting enough jewellery for Christmas then mix it up with some seasonal lifestyle gifts. These could range from printed t-shirts, if your girlfriend or loved one is a more ‘dress down’ and casual type of person, to a lifestyle print to hang on the wall of your new home. There are endless opportunities here!


If You Can’t Decide on One Gift, Get a Gift Set

If you feel like one gift isn’t enough, or you cannot decide on what to get, then fear not my little friend, because there are Christmas gift sets designed especially for this exact reason.

Whether you’d like to brooches, a necklace, earring or Brooch combination the Kuma festive gift sets come in a wide range of mixtures to help solve your problem.