Live and Let Fly – Butterfly Brooches Perfect for Evening Attire.

It’s the hardest decision to make isn’t it, picking an outfit for your night out. You can spend hours, even days researching different fabrics, styles and garments trying to match them together to create the evening attire.

Creating an outfit that reflects your personality and character is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do – and after all, you’ve got to like it and feel comfortable in your outfit. That’s often where one comes unstuck – feeling comfortable with their outfit!

Finally, you’ve got to consider how you accessorise it. God, how the accessories matter! But when you add the finishing touches to your evening attire, you know there and then that you’re heading for a good night.

Butterfly brooches and ties to add the finishing touches to your evening outfit.

Butterfly brooches can add a real sparkle and impact to your outfit, especially when you match the right colours and cloth. But these beauties in particular, they take your outfit and make it that little bit more extra special.

Party hard with the Vikerkaar Butterfly Brooch

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat! Those who like to party will fit right in with the Vikerkaar butterfly Brooch, she’s an elegant butterfly who has a party animal nature, with her vibrant and bright colours. From intense indigos to pale, yet mystifying teals, this butterfly has every colour you’ll see from the disco lights, neatly embezzled in her wonderfully colour wings.


Match her with a pale t-shirt, jeans and some sneakers for maximum impact and let the disco lights bounce off of her as she brightens up the room around her.

Be at one with the night sky and the Prosperity Butterfly Brooch


The great outdoors is a beautiful place to party. You’ll find it so liberating to party out in the open, underneath the moonlight, and there’s not a more perfect butterfly brooch to match your outdoor evening wear than the Prosperity Butterfly Brooch


She allows you to blossom in the night sky, with her intricate design details, she’s perfect for a floral dress. What’s more, is that when the spring and summer months come the Prosperity butterfly will flutter with more energy than ever before. Be sure to let her fly in the nights sky!

Simply Beautiful, Simply Red with Transformation Butterfly Brooch


The perfect depiction of your transition from casual wear to party attire, the Transformation Butterfly Brooch personifies the change of attitude into a party girl. Her intense reds will match darker tones, and she’s best suited for the more formal and elegant evenings. She is full of passion, and there is something mesmerising about her beauty.


Be sure to pin her to the lapel of your blazer, the strap of your little black dress or accentuate your hair by adding her as the icing on the cake of your finest outfit yet. 

There are plenty more butterflies floating around for you to discover. If these aren’t suitable for your evening attire, then why not take a look some of our other butterfly brooches – you’ll be sure to find a butterfly that personifies your spirit!