About KUMA

Hello fellow art & crafts lover!


My name is Mari Ojasaar, designer of KUMA accessories. 

My life is my art as much as art is my life. I found my creative passion as a child watching my mother making handmade leather crafts to make the ends meet. 

Having been bitten by the creative bug, I started experimenting with all things artsy. As my mind and heart filled up with ideas, I looked for ways to share my art. I wanted to be a voice, not an echo. And that's how KUMA boutique was born. 

Shop with confidence and welcome to the KUMA family! 

Yours artfully,
Mari Ojasaar

Handcrafted to tell a story

Premium leather butterfly brooches are a true statement of originality. Even the trendiest urbanites with an eye for fashion will be mesmerised by the bright colours of our butterflies.


A truly original gift

From boyfriend to girlfriend, husband to wife, friend to friend. A classy gift to loved ones or yourself. A trendy compliment to every dress. Guaranteed to stand out and impress.


The classiest icebreaker

People will find it impossible not to notice as you enter the room. The colourful butterfly brooch ignites imagination and stirs curiosity. Let the KUMA butterfly start the conversation for you.