Awakening feminity

It seems like this blog post, this idea could speak mostly to women who are living and breathing the mum role. But hopefully it also gives some food for thought to women, who are bearing different roles like wearing the hat of a business woman. Perhaps it even speaks to those women, who long to feel themselves as one, because at the end of the day we are all women born in the Eve suit.

At least, that’s exactly how I feel. I have got a big gift from life – to experience the role of Motherhood for more than almost 10 years. I have to admit that it has honestly been the best time of my life, and I plan to enjoy this sweet bubble until my little ones need me. And yet, I long to awaken the Woman in me who has fallen asleep. Mostly, so I wouldn’t lose myself, and when the day comes, when my children don’t need me anymore, I wouldn’t look in the mirror and not recognize, the person smiling. Not to mention my husband.

Therefore, I have decided to do something every month of the year, that feeds the woman in me and wakens the sleeping beauty. Right at the start of the year I met with the most amazing photographer Stina Kask, to do a soft, flowy and feminine photoshoot. That was accompanied with a two-hour make-up and hair session, which already made me feel feminine and beautiful. Make-up Artist Mammu instantly became my best friend – we had a lot of fun and the emotions were high! Not to mention photographer Stina, who is a truly loving and empowering woman. Throughout the photoshoot we were constantly giggling and just Iike that, I met the Women in me again, who had been sleeping in the mum role for a while.

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In order for that soft and feminine feeling to serve me for longer, I got beautiful pictures as a memory from Stina. And you know what – I needed them, because let’s be honest, most of the time I wear an onion bun on top of my head, carrying one of my babies and having a pan in the other hand. This reflection greets me every single day, and in order to awaken the Women in me, I needed to do something truly feminine.

Inspired by the inner woman in me, I want to share the journey with you guys as well and I will do every single month something to make sure, she stays awake.

Jewelry: KUMA

Photos: Stina Kase

MUA: Mammu