Woman, what is your magic power? - Interview with Piret Laos

Last week we announced a little blog post series, where we promised to share interviews with three inspiring Estonain women, who we asked to take a step back and experience life with different sense, than we are used to. Today, it’s time to reveal one of them - TV host Piret Laos. Stay tuned, to find out how love tastes for Piret. 

What kind of magic do you do in your life at the moment?

At the moment I’m working my magic to find a beautiful summer home for me and my small family. So we would have a place where to enjoy summer mornings in bed, run around the grass with bare feet, read a book in the swing and make dinner for the family on a bonfire. I know exactly down to the last detail, how this summer home will look like and I hope to find it soon.

How does love taste?

I think love tastes like a mixture of sweet wild strawberries, juicy lemon, bitter chocolate and spicy chillies.

What would you say to a 10-years younger you?

I would say to myself to trust yourself and life more. Don’t worry about little things and listen to your inner voice, it won’t let you down. You yourself know best, what to do next.

How does a smile smell?

I have read from scientific research that it's proven that happiness actually does have a smell. And since a happy person smiles a lot, I think that a smile plays a big role in how happiness smells. I don’t know if it's possible to describe that smell, but I’m sure you can recognize it, when you get very close to a happy person.

What has made you laugh lately?

My kid and my partner have their own daddy-daughter games and craftory and lately I find myself enjoying their little home theater and the things that are made there. The sound of my kid’s uncontrollable laughter whenever they have their own jokes…these are the most beautiful and sincere moments for me.

Thank you Piret for an inspiring Interview!