Woman, what is your magic power? - Interview with Karolin Kuusik

March is in full bloom and it’s time to share the third interview in our blog post series dedicated to the month of womanhood. This time we took our time to take a closer look at life with different senses with the one and only style guru - Karolin Kuusik. Before you dig in, make sure to take a look at our last week's interview with the TV host Piret Laos and the week before with the creator of KUMA Design, Mari Ojasaar.

What kind of magic do you do in your life at the moment?

At the moment I am working my magic to be more courageous and take risks. I have always made safe choices when it comes to my work, but in order to grow, you need to come out of your comfort zone from time to time and this is what I’m doing now.

How does love taste?

Like the Sunday pancakes, my man has made, especially when we eat them all together with our family.

What would you say to a 10-years younger you?

I would tell her to be more courageous.

How does a smile smell?

A smile doesn’t have a specific smell for me.

What has made you laugh lately?

Without a doubt, the sweet little mistakes my kids make when they are learning to speak.

Also, last time I got a good ab workout was when our friends came over with their kids and the kids started to come up with their own funny games. Like the ‘ghosts that ghost themselves’ game. Or when I went to check on them and I was told not to disturb them, because they are in the middle of ‘What boys like?’ game. Even the most simple things like letting the air out from a balloon was the funniest thing in their world....and even after the 10th time!


Thank you Karolin for an inspiring interview!