Woman, what is your magic power? - Interview with Anna Pärnoja

It’s time to say goodbye to March and finish our blog post series dedicated to womanhood and inspiring women! During the month of March, we have been exploring the world with different senses and know it’s time to share the last interview in this series - with the talented musician Anna Pärnojas!

What kind of magic do you do in your life at the moment?

 At the moment I’m working my magic to bring my artistic ideas to life. I’m also always working my magic to find happiness and balance in life.

How does love taste?

I think that love tastes like creme brulee covered with salted caramel. Or a ripe strawberry freshly picked from the ground, or peppermint or thyme! Something fresh and natural!

What would you say to a 10-years younger you?

 I would tell her: „Dear Anna! The heaviness that is wearing you down at the moment, will be one day part of your wisdom and happiness. Always remember, that your heart is telling you the truth and once you know that, it will become part of you. Even though, right now you feel like you are lost, then know that you are on the right path and one day you will understand why everything you are going through has come to your life. Everything will be okay, believe in yourself!

How does a smile smell?

A smile smells like the first fresh breeze on a sunny day after a long and dreary winter.

What has made you laugh lately?

Inside I smile and laugh out of gratitude. But outside, I laugh when I see how relaxed and sincere my kids are when they dance.

I am truly grateful that these three women - Anna Pärnoja, Karolin Kuusik, Piret Laos - and mums found their time to think with me.