Woman, what is your magic power?

Photo by Laura Strandberg

Women can be true muses and wizards if they are given a chance to open their wings and just fly! We are given the gift of seeing magic even in the most mundane everyday situations. For example, when I see how the sun rays fall on a water glass and reflect a rainbow on the floor and my little one starts to play with it. I imagine that this is how a dream might taste like. Seeing the magic in daily life happens to me often and I believe that I’m not the only one, because we women are creators, muses and magicians. In order to celebrate Woman’s Day, I took time off with three inspiring and feminine women, to challenge them to experience life with different senses than what they are used to. During the month of March we will be revealing those three interviews in this blog, but to keep things fair, I will first share my own interview with you. Hope you enjoy it!

What kind of magic do you do in your life at the moment?

I believe that we, women, are true magicians. We know how to magically make a house into a home, clean the rooms and give a fresh feeling to the home. Cleaning is a good way to get the energy flowing in your home: organize, wash, clean, aire the rooms and you will see how good you will feel in your home later. That is magic to me! Sometimes I wake up in the morning and decide to use my ‘mum magic powers’ to plan a truly magical day for my little ones. Then I take my time to dive into their world and experience it with all my senses. And then I have days, when I work my ‘womanly magic’ and become a goddess for my partner and surprise him with something truly magical. It’s a simple and fun way to spice up your everyday life by starting the day with a question: What kind of magic can I do today?

I also feel like I’m doing something magical whenever I work with KUMA Design. Our brand is known for butterflies and the metamorphosis from caterpillar into a butterfly is truly magical, don’t you agree?

How does love taste?

The first thing that comes to my mind is chocolate, because it melts in our mouth, gives you energy and makes you happy just like true love should. I especially like dark chocolate, that is a little bit bitter yet deeply satisfying. Love is definitely something sweet for me and I keep craving it more and more. It might unbalance my blood sugar for a while, but even when you have satisfied your tastebuds you will be craving more in a little while.

What would you say to a 10-years younger you?

Funnily enough, I started to give advice to a 20-year old Mari, but then I realized that it was already 17 years ago and I should actually think about the Mari in her early thirties. I would tell myself that even though you are a big dreamer and sometimes you feel like your dreams will just stay in the dreamworld, don’t stop believing, because they will become true! You will find the love of your life, with whom you can travel the world and you will become a mother of two beautiful boys and believe it or not, but you will be an artist one day. It feels so good to write those things to the 27-year old Mari, I wish I could just high-five her and say: “We did it, girl!”

How does a smile smell?

Last time I managed to make my whole family smile with the smell of fresh cinnamon buns. Doesn’t matter if it’s from gingerbread cookies or some other sweet treat, cinnamon is a spice that makes us smile just like we were kids again.

What has made you laugh lately?

This has to be how my 2-year old is making new words. His evolving vocabulary is like a mirror of our family life and so far it has been very sweet and sincere. Another moment in a day that makes me laugh (and sometimes almost cry), is when I sit down on the sofa in the evenings to relax for a second and the whole family comes to me and Jesper like bees to a honeycomb. The kids climb to our arms to cuddle and soon enough our family dog Guru has his head on my thigh.

Also, I laugh out of love whenever I think about the time we were visiting our summer house in Hiiumaa and my partner Jesper brought me snowdrops. I can imagine so clearly how my two meters tall man is picking those delicate small flowers on the meadow and thinking of me. That makes me feel warm inside and gives me a smile of love.