Interview with Shalini Mody: the secret recipe for self-love and contacting with your feminine side
We at KUMA Design have always been inspired by feminine women. Even our most popular product – the butterfly brooch was created to give women a chance to spice up their collars with something a bit more feminine than the masculine bow tie. And what would symbolize womanhood better than a graceful and beautiful butterfly. Today we are introducing a woman who has deeply inspired us and who represents the true essence of womanhood – Shalini Mody. Shalini is known for her platform Gracefit, where she has created different online training programs that you can do at the comfort of your own home to help you achieve your best physical and mental form. Behind her graceful figure and her heartwarming smile hides a wise and mystical soul. We had a nice chat with Shalini about femininity, self-love and relationships that we are sharing with you today! Keep on reading to find out her secret recipe for self-love.

What kind of woman are you?

I would like to think that by now I have gained a certain amount of insight about life, love and movement. As a woman, I am always trying to find harmony between being vulnerable and at the same time self-aware and strong. That is something I also value in other women. I’m also trying to figure out how to create more room in a loving relationship while being independent and fulfilling my own professional goals. My ideal is to be in a relationship that is based on a mutual love for life, but at the same time being able to follow my mission in life, be active and work hard for my dreams. I would say the two keywords that describe me best as a woman are balance and harmony and all that within the lover and queen archetypes.

What is femininity?

I believe that everybody senses femininity differently, depending on your values, background and experiences. But I hope that every woman gets to experience at least for a period in life what it feels like to be special and cared for. I like the traditional view, where femininity is something fragile and elegant – where the woman is the muse and inspiration and the man is the charismatic side with grounding energy. Femininity is the ability to sense life bigger than just the practical everyday life and to also help our loved ones to dive into that deep and beautiful sphere.

Who are the most inspiring women, who you have found through social media?

Just the other day I was thinking about it that we are always talking about the negative side effects of social media, but it can also have a positive impact if you follow inspiring accounts that give good vibes.

 Today, one of my favourite Instagram accounts is by the artist Kätlin Kaljuvee I have been admiring her work for a long time and have given her art as a present to one of the most important people in my life. In addition to being so elegant and beautiful, she is a truly talented artist.

 I also admire Liis Taras, who I found randomly scrolling on Instagram. Her visual language and aesthetic style is so fragile and sensitive, that it’s hard to describe. Art history and interior design meet her lovely family. Her view on life is also very special – it’s nostalgic, authentic and elegant. Something that the modern-day society has forgotten due to over consumption. I especially love her posts about her children because the posts feel like they are from a much more magical place, than this world.                                         

 It’s no secret that I am also a big fan of KUMA Design and its founder Mari Ojasaar. She is a beautiful embodiment of femininity – energetic and delicate at the same time.

If you are looking for some good humor to spice up your social media life, then I recommend to follow Heelia Sillamaa. She is an admirable young journalist, who has a very sharp and spot-on sense of humor – really funny and honest reflection of what is going on in our society.      

And last but not least, the mother of two and physiotherapist Katre Lust-Mardna – I just love her posts about her family life and can’t wait for the next one. She is excellent in showcasing her children with a humorous twist that shows exactly what kind of beliefs she bases her upbringing on. She is also a good example of a woman who is successful in her career, but has managed to surround herself with love.

What is the most beautiful thing about being a woman?

The softness and delicacy that the opposite side looks at you and treats you. If you are smart enough to choose a man by your side who is truly admiring you, you can be a part-time muse in your everyday life.

What is the most painful thing about being a woman?

To be honest, I don’t feel that there is pain in being a woman. I think that the biggest challenge as a woman is when we become mothers, but still wish to pursue our professional career. But I wouldn’t say that’s the most hurtful thing about being a woman, because it is actually amazing that we have the opportunity to grow love inside us and dedicate part of our life to that.

What kind of advice would you give to someone, who has lost contact with their feminine side?

First of all, we all lose contact with our feminine side from time to time, so don’t stress and worry about it. However, it’s always good to have a couple of tricks in your back pocket in case you feel like you have lost it. Our everyday life is often controlled by our hormones, which are constantly changing. I am going to share a couple of useful tips, on how to reconnect with your feminine side:
  1.     Be aware of your menstrual cycle and even when you are having one of those days when everything feels wrong, then at least you know what it’s caused from. I would recommend every woman (and why not men too, to understand what women go through every month) to read the book by Maisie Hilli called “Period Power”. This book will help you understand the different periods we have within our menstrual cycle and tells you when it’s better to keep yourself to the inside and when it’s better to be more to the outside.
  2.     Be honest with yourself – you don’t need to be someone else because of other people. Feel your own rhythm and desires.
  3.     Move – in a way, where you truly feel your body and have good contact with it. It can be anything from running, stretching or boxing. It doesn’t matter what training style you go for, as long as you get the right physical contact with yourself. Soon enough, you will see that your mind will become clearer, your body stronger and your heart lighter. To help you find your own way of moving I have a little gift to all KUMA friends: use discount code “KUMA” and get 50% off from the first month of subscription to Gracefit training programs!
  4.     Write your thoughts down in a diary - it might feel a little strange in the beginning but give it a try - choose a diary that you really like, put on some good music and be alone. Create the right kind of ambience for yourself and if you don’t know what that is, then first get to know what kind of atmosphere you need, in order to feel like yourself again. All the other roles in your life are also important, but the base is always you as a woman.
  5.     Spend some time alone or do something only for yourself every week. If you don’t even know, what it is you would like to do for yourself, then it’s your last chance to get to know the soul living inside your body.
Also, keep in mind that our well-being is affected by our nutrition and sleep. The simpler and lighter your food is, the better and more feminine you will feel. We often tend to take the role of the victim by saying that we don’t have the time to relax. Unfortunately or luckily, that applies to everything in life – only you can take the decision that you deserve to relax, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be a woman. Because it’s simply beautiful. 

My secret recipe to self-love is simple: spend time with yourself, think and dream about life and love, write your ideas down and eat light. Self-love is pretty guaranteed with that recipe.