Time to graduate!
After months of hard work, sweat and tears the graduation season is finally here and it’s time to taste the sweet fruit of accomplishment! Whether it’s your first graduation ceremony or not, you still want to look and feel good after working hard for your future and nothing makes you fly higher than a pair of KUMA wings to accompany you on that day! So settle in and be ready to get inspired, because we have 9 different ways how you can use KUMA accessories to stand out and have a one-of-a-kind outfit, that no one else has.


Add a KUMA butterfly brooch to your dress and you don’t have to worry, that someone will have the exact same outfit as you, because no one can have your taste of style!
Our mini butterfly brooches are perfect for flying in pairs!

Blouse and skirt 

If you want to stand out from the sea of dresses, then why not wear a stylish skirt or a blouse to your graduation. To make your outfit a bit more fun and playful - add a KUMA butterfly or two. Remember - it all comes down to clever solutions - figure out, where is the focus of your outfit and bring more attention to that part by adding some quirky accessories!


We at KUMA believe that every girl has a little Carry Bradshaw in them! Carry was known for giving her outfits her own unique touch. Bring the Bradshaw in you out by giving your shoes some wings to fly with you through your big day!


Whether it’s a simple blowout or a glamorous up-do, there is always room for a butterfly to nest in your hair and draw some attention to your hairstyle!


If your outfit is already on point and doesn’t need any more details, then it’s time to think about the accessories - a pair of KUMA earrings to catch some spotlight?



...or why not wear the wristband around your neck as a choker and rock a true statement piece?


If you are a bit nervous about the big day and want some positive energies to support you throughout the graduation day, then our energy necklaces are here to help. In addition to bringing calming and supporting energies to your day, they are also a simple and elegant addition to every outfit!

Design your own!

If you already have the right spot for a KUMA butterfly, but you are having trouble finding the right one from our collections, then it’s time to be the designer yourself and create exactly the right kind of butterfly, that will match with your graduation outfit! Say hello to our new personalisation tool and bring out the artist in you!
When all the details have fallen to place, then it’s time to enjoy your graduation day and celebrate with your friends and family. Of course, you will be the star of the day, but don’t forget the ones, who helped you along the road. If you have a sweet friend or a teacher, who has been by your side on your road to education, then don’t forget about them and show them, how much they mean to you. Our gift sets are already beautifully packaged and ready for easy gifting, so all you have to do, is to choose the right one!

We wish you a fun and memorable graduation day and good luck on your next conquest!