Can you hear the wedding bells?
Whether it’s your own or your loved one’s wedding - it’s still a magical day, that is most likely filled with a good amount of tears, a dash of nervousness, but above all – a bundle of love! Every bride has her own style, unique taste and a vision, on how she wants the wedding to look and feel like. But from our experience, most brides just want it to be a special day filled with memories, that they will cherish for life. If you are a true KUMA girl, then we have some fun and quirky ideas for you, how you can use KUMA butterflies as part of your wedding outfit, venue decorations or for your bridesmaids. A true summer wedding calls for some butterflies, don’t you agree?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

KUMA butterfly can fit into almost all of these criteria. You can buy a new one just for your wedding day or if you can’t find the perfect one, then create your own butterfly with our personalisation tool! Maybe you have a girlfriend, who owns a KUMA butterfly? Borrow it from her and let it nest in your hair or somewhere on your dress. And lastly the something blue - say hello to our blue flock of butterflies - Freedom, Suitsupääsuke, Soov, Frosty the Dragonfly, Snow White, Moondaughter, Iris, Rahe, Turquoise, Blue and Blue Lagoon! If you'd prefer to just have a  a small little detail, then check out our mini collection, that is samller in size, but equally charming! We can’t really say that the KUMA butterflies are old, since we have flown around for almost 5 years now, but once your daughter or granddaughter is in the age of marriage… it can be the “something old”  for her.

Once you have found right butterfly, it’s time to find the perfect place for it!

Ask your hairdresser to combine it with your hair style.
…or find a place for it on your wedding dress.
(Photo by Annija Pumpure)
Why not attach your veil to your hair with the butterfly brooch?
(Photo by Annija Pumpure)
If you are a flower child at heart and you are planning to wear a wreath in your hair, then decorate it with a butterfly or two!
If you have worked hard to look your best then it’s time bring some attention to your figure with some bling!
(Photo by Annija Pumpure)
Compliment your dress with a butterfly bracelet! Our vegan leather wristbands are made for wearing the butterfly on your wrist!
(Photo by Annija Pumpure)


Butterflies and flowers go hand in hand like brides and wedding gowns. Add a quirky and playful detail to your wedding bouquet with a KUMA butterfly - choose the butterfly that matches with your flowers for a fresh and summery touch!

Bridesmaids - The A-team of the day.

Deciding who’s going to be your bridesmaid, is not an easy task. You want someone, who can handle things even if something goes south, because let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest job in the world to be a bridesmaid. So, make sure you thank them for being on your side on that special day. The best way to say thank you is with a butterfly gift set of course! Choose a different butterfly for each bridesmaid, that best describes her and let her know, how much she means to you. Another way you can make your bridesmaids stand out from the rest of the quests is by adding a KUMA butterfly to their outfit that matches with the wedding style and makes them part of the wedding day squad! Your bridesmaids don’t have to have the same dresses, they can have the same accessories!

Wedding decorations

You can also use the butterflies in the wedding decor - add them to the table decorations or wedding flowers for a touch of playfulness!

Flower girls

Do you know, who else love butterflies? Children, of course! Maybe you have a little flower girl, who would love to fly to the altar with a butterfly on her dress?
(Photo by Galina Thomas)
We hope you got some inspiration and ideas for that special day, but if you are eager for more, that check out our Instagram page! The fun part is that our accessories are so versatile that there are endless ways you can use them as part of a wedding party! Be creative and find your way! We hope you have a magical wedding whether you are the quest, bridesmaid or the bride herself and we would be thrilled if you shared some pictures with us, when you decide to add a touch of KUMA to your wedding!