Of nature, inspiration and life in the hippie caravan
Everyone in the KUMA team knows that I’m a flower child at heart, so they don’t even give me a second glance, when I rush to the studio with a stone from the seaside or a flower from the meadow in my hand and have my head full of ideas for a new accessory. This is who I am and this is also what KUMA as a brand is like - inspired by nature and green by nature. Today, I invite you along to our little hippie family’s summer vacation across Estonia and let you in on, how I gather inspiration from the nature. Jump on the hippie wagon and let’s get going!

Simplicity is the key!

What inspires me the most about our so-called hippie lifestyle is the raw-life adventure and understanding how little we really need to feel happy and content. Sometimes, you just need to break free from the safety and convenience of your own home to give yourself some time and space.
From my own experience I can tell you that it sounds easier than it really is. Yes, flies and mosquitoes can be extremely annoying and yes, taking care of a small baby in a caravan can be a challenge, especially when the closest toilet is a moderate walk away and has no water...Usually our “bath” is the sea, where the temperature can drop to as low as 8 degrees on some days...but at the end of the day all these “problems” become insignificant, when I understand what these kinds of adventures give to my soul. Breathtaking sunsets, the magical moon reflecting on the sea, curious animals and superfoods straight from the nature - these are the moments and energies that inspire me and will warm my heart even on the cold winter months, when I find myself reminiscing about our caravan with no toilet…

More people = More fun!

They say that it doesn’t matter where you are going, but with who you are going with. Of course it’s fun and refreshing to go on a city break with girlfriends, enjoy the chance to eat in peace and indulge on a glass of cheeky prosecco, while no one is trying to grab your attention… or your food. Oh, the perks of motherhood... But nothing feels quite as good as travelling with your family. I love to discover the world with my partner and our two little munchkins and it’s interesting to learn, how children adapt to discomfort much easier then we grown-ups do. For my older son Aron for example, being without his usual toys is an advantage rather than a disadvantage, because that way even the greyest stone or the wonkiest tree branch can become a friend, who he can take on his next adventure to discover the world! Our caravan travels have only confirmed my belief that children are our biggest teachers.

Time for myself!

Despite the fact that travelling with two children can be a bit of a challenge at times, I often find that actually I have more time for myself. Being disconnected from the Internet and seeing how the pace of life starts to slow down allows me to see how many beautiful gifts life gives us each day. These are the simple moments that we get to share with our loved ones and these moments often end up to be the best kind of memories. Like watching a butterfly flutter by or witnessing how the sun gives the sea her last passionate kiss before saying good night. Also, children tend to see beauty in almost everything so I try my best to follow their lead and find these simple moments to cherish that my grown-up eye has started to miss. These moments often give me inspiration and fresh ideas for new KUMA accessories.
Sometimes, you need to experience life very slowly, like in a time machine and this is what our adventures in the hippie caravan allow me to do. I also have more time for my number one passion  - art! It may be simply doodling for fun, crafting, painting or some other kind of creative activity - as long as it involves creating something new, it feeds my soul and gives me new energy. Find out, what feeds your soul and get lost in the activity - this is how big ideas (like a brooch in the shape of a butterfly) come to life.
I can’t tell you what is the next destination of our little hippie caravan, because I simply don’t know it yet, but that’s what makes it fun - not knowing, where you are going next, but knowing that wherever this road will take you, you will find inspiration, new experiences and growth along the way!
Until the next hippie trip!