10 ways to wear KUMA Butterflies

Thanks to the versatile brooch needle attachment, there are endless ways to style your KUMA butterfly. However, we do know from our own experience that some Mondays are more blue than others, which means that figuring out a new clever way to style your pair of wings can be a mission impossible. Not to worry, because today we will give you 10 different ideas on how to use your KUMA butterfly!

1. As a bow-tie

Let’s start from the beginning. Did you know that the initial idea for the KUMA butterfly was born, when the creator of KUMA Mari Ojasaar was having brunch with her girlfriends? The story goes like this: one of her friends was wearing a white classic buttoned up shirt and a men’s bow tie. Although, Mari liked the outfit, she felt that a bow tie was too masculine for her friend. After the brunch she still couldn’t get the image of the bow tie out of her head and started to think about how women could spice up white collars in a feminine way. That’s how she came up with the KUMA butterfly bow tie. So, of course the number one way to wear your butterfly is as a bow tie

2. In your hair

Weather it’s a summer festival or another day at the office, KUMA butterflies are perfect for adding that special little detail to your hair and making sure that you will stand out with your sense of style.

3. On a KUMA wristband

We created our vegan leather wristbands to be worn on its own or together with our butterfly brooch. Don’t worry about time – it will fly like a butterfly anyways! Wear a butterfly instead of a watch and take your time to do the things that make your heart sing.

4. As home decor

Our butterflies love attention, even while they are having their beauty sleep! Let them shine even when you are not wearing them and use them in your home décor!

5. On your coat

Thanks to the water-resistant coating on our butterflies – you can wear them on your coat and not worry about rain ruining their beauty!

6. As a choker

Something for the more expressive types - why not wear our wristband-butterfly duo as a choker? Your style will definitely be the conversation starter.


7. Kick up your kicks

Did you know that many people look at people’s shoes first thing when they meet someone new? Make sure your first impression will make people remember you!

8. On your hat

Add some spirit to your hat and even the queen of England will envy your style! Thanks to the water-resistant top coat on our butterflies, you don’t have to worry about couple of raindrops ruining your butterfly.

9. Dress up your dress or skirt

There is nothing more feminine that a simple dress or skirt. Add a butterfly or two and you are ready for the party season!

10. Spice up your bag

Your bag is something that you carry along every day. Therefor, it is natural that sometimes you can get a bit tired of your old favourite. No need to go and find a new favourite. Just be green and find the right accessories to give your bag a new life!


Keep in mind that this list is just the beginning! There is a plethora of ways how you can style your KUMA butterfly, just let your imagination out of the cage and it will fly free like a butterfly!

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Until next time,

KUMA team

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