KUMA ÖÖ Energy Necklace

KUMA energy necklaces are handmade with care and passion 

ÖÖ Energy Necklace - KUMA Design Store

The exquisitely designed necklaces are inspired by the planets. In the core of the necklace is a unique natural stone that harnesses energy. The stone can be charged by exposing it to direct sun- or moonlight. The charged energy stones are believed to contain magical properties, which bring good luck and protect the possessor from harm.

Clear Quartz is the power stone. It clears away negative energy, protects the posessor, enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom.

The elegantly minimalist energy necklaces add a touch of feminine mystery to every outfit - from simple everyday outfits to special occasion dresses.

ÖÖ energy necklaces have a diameter size of 4.5 cm (1.77 inch).

Materials used: Cotton lace, real leather, silk, silver wire, Clear Quartz semiprecious gemstone. Please note that the exact colour and shape of the stone may vary compared to the product images.

The product comes in a black gift box.